Reddiplex Asia

We are pleased to announce Reddiplex Asia Ltd is the new name for our trading division in Hong Kong, previously known as Gallford Ltd, the change of name took effect on the 1st of January 2016.

Reddiplex Asia Ltd (formerly Gallford Ltd) were established in 1990 and are experienced in the warehousing and distribution of our UK manufactured components for use in internal glass partitions, fire doors, passive fire protection, acoustic seals and woven pile weather-stripping.

The change of name reflects our close collaboration on new product development, product testing and certification. All manufacturing will take place at our Reddiplex UK factories, with Reddiplex Asia continuing to provide exceptional knowledge and service to ensure customer receive the product they require first time and every time.

Our shared focus on customer service means Reddiplex Asia have developed a strong reputation and customer base through a territory of 11 countries covering: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, New Zealand and Australia.

Rebecca Yeung, General Manager will continue to manage the operation in Hong Kong and can be contacted on

For further information on the Reddiplex Asia Ltd operations please visit Reddiplex Asia or contact us