Designed with the installer in mind

The G2G Flexible I Joint combines the strength and clarity of our original G2G I Joint with the added benefit of being able to accommodate variance in the polished flat edge dimensions.

The correct flat edge and chamfer dimensions are critical to ensure the correct installation of the original G2G I Joints. If the flat edge dimension is larger than recommended this can cause the G2G I joint not to bond correctly, causing significant installation issues. However if the flat edge dimension is too small it can leave a gap between the joint and glass, allowing the ingress of dust and fibres.

The new Flexible I joint has been designed with the installer in mind and incorporates flexible end sections to accommodate variance in flat edge dimensions and eradicate the need for a fixed glass chamfer of 45 degrees, whilst maintaining the minimal sight lines and overall finish required of the G2G range.

Original and Flexible I Joints

Whilst the flat edge dimension is less critical we still offer recommended flat edge dimensions for the relevant glass thicknesses. For full details on all the recommended flat edge dimensions for G2G I joints and glass chamfers please click here.

The G2G range of slim line dry joints allows the configuration of glazed modules to provide unbroken sight lines whilst maintaining the privacy of individual office spaces using 10, 12, 15 and 16mm standard and laminated glass. The use of high clarity, high bond tape ensures the optimum performance of the system whilst allowing easy installations and clean down time.

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