Concept Through to Completion

Concept Through to Completion

Our knowledge of material behaviour, onsite tooling, technical processing, and customer service positions us as a global leader in the extrusion of plastic and rubber profiles.

We are continually developing our material knowledge to ensure customers receive the most up-to-date guidance on material selection. This approach means we have developed expertise in extruding materials ranging from TPE, PVC, EPDM and WPC’s through to specialist engineering polymers such as Polycarbonate, SEBS and PEEK.

The manufacturing capabilities we have onsite allow us to offer single, co-extrusion and triplex extrusion incorporating a variety of curing techniques. These range from water bath and air cooling through to the vulcanisation of rubber using microwaves and our specialised bed of glass ballotini beads. Perfect for curing low density profiles.

“If you are looking for custom plastic or rubber profiles covering a range of polymers and hardness values, including sponge, you are in the right place.”

We understand that detail is where you add real value; therefore we have a compressive portfolio of inline capabilities and secondary operations. These functions include colour matching, embossing, tape application and printing. We also provide specialist packaging options to ensure your profiles are delivered in the best condition for further processing or retailing.

We are privileged enough to work with customers on innovative designs for new systems and always respect the need for confidentiality. We have extensive onsite technical facilities allowing tooling to be designed, controlled and manufactured maintaining customer confidentiality at all times. In addition to this our in-house technical processing team and engineering department work to ensure issues are resolved internally during manufacture.

Materials Extruded


Rigid profiles can be either single material types or co-extruded using a combination of rigid and flexible material types. The rigid profiles we extrude are commonly used in automotive, partitioning, glazing, display and roofing market sectors.


We provide co-extrusion and triplex extrusion providing combinations of material types and colours. The Flexible plastic profiles that we extrude are commonly used for sealing systems or connecting sections between two components.


We can extrude single or co-extruded rubber profiles combining various material types and colours. We provide cording to reduce shrinkage and silicone application. The profiles we extrude in rubber are commonly used in glazing and curtain walling.


We extrude a range of sponge densities and offer co-extruded profiles combining various sponge densities into a single profile. The profiles we extrude are commonly used in automotive, guttering and marine sectors.