Draught Proofing Range

With the onset of the winter months and temperatures plummeting now is the ideal time to revisit the Reddiplex range of Draught Proofing Products. Our brochure showcases our new foam based SofSeal range designed to provide a more modern solution to our existing range of traditional woven pile draugtproofing solutions.

SofSeal gaskets are foam based with a rigid insert encapsulated in a skin. The SofSeal range has been tested to the requirements set out in European Standards, demonstrating performance in relation to working range, compression, deflection and the long term sustainability of the gasket in application.

In addition to SofSeal’s performance characteristics the low surface coefficient of the gasket and the rigidity of the insert allows for ease of application, making it ideal for large scale projects.

To find out more about the key features of the SofSeal gaskets download a copy of our Draughtproofing Brochure here.