Standard Glazing Products Brochure

The new Reddiplex Standard Glazing Products brochure provides a fresh look at our comprehensive range of glazing gaskets. The brochure consolidates our wide range of flipper, bubble, E-gaskets, wedge and tear of wedge gaskets to satisfy the demands of our customers within the glazing sector. Furthermore the addition of our clear tear of wedge gasket complements our range and provides a visually pleasing gasket with minimal interference, when aesthetic is a key factor.

Reddiplex manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide a range of gaskets in materials such as TPR, PVC and EPDM all of which have inherent properties to increase the performance of the gasket in terms of functionality and durability.

Our wide range of glazing gaskets are held in stock and are suitable for use in leading manufacturers systems. Specialist gaskets with particular function or design can be considered on an individual basis through our custom extrusion design service.

To download a copy of our Standard Glazing Products Brochure click here.