Square Corner News

Our Square Corner Joint joins the G2G range

We’ve expanded our popular range of G2G glass partitioning dry joints with the introduction of a Square Corner joint. This dry joint provides a clean finish at corner junctions, whilst providing the necessary protection to a common point of vulnerability.
G2G Black

G2G Black Collection – The Sharp New Black Glass Partitioning Range

A design trend that we’ve seen racing ahead in recent times is the use of black aluminium glass partitioning frames in sleek office developments. Up until now, this look has only been available for custom developed projects that like to drive design styles within the industry. Launching G2G Black, Reddiplex has created an up-to-the-minute opportunity for a much wider market.
WPC News Header

Wood Polymer Composite (WPC)

Our new Wood Polymer Composites brochure provides more information than ever before, allowing you to make an even more informed choice when it comes to the specification of WPC for extruding your profiles.
Lorry Door Seals

Reddiplex Sustainable and Efficient Lorry Door Seal

Do you have to replace your refrigerated lorry door seals more frequently than expected? Would you like your refrigerated vehicles to be equipped with a more efficient and sustainable lorry door seal?
Colour Extrusion

The world of colour embraces extrusion

With continual advances and developments in the specification and availability of materials, it’s no surprise that this is opening up the scope to apply colour into the extrusion process – you might imagine that Reddiplex is at the forefront of this advancement.
Black Frameless Wedge

Are you using a black frameless glass partitioning system?

The rise of black aluminum frames for internal office partitioning is delivering a more contemporary and structured look to glazed partitions for both domestic and commercial premises.
G2G Door Seals

G2G Door Partition Seals

The door system has been designed to work in conjunction with the G2G dry joint range to provide a sleek and minimal finish to enhance the overall aesthetics of fully glazed partitions.
Glazing Gaskets

Reddiplex Glazing Gaskets

Reddiplex have been supplying the glazing industry with standard and custom profiles since 1969, extruding profiles for a range of glazing applications.
Flexible News Header

Meet your ‘problem solver’, the Flexible I Joint

The Flexible ‘I’ Joint option allows for variance in the chamfers of the glass panels, resulting in the polished edge ‘flat’ dimension of glass becoming less critical.
Wood Polymer Composite Profiles in Constructions

The Benefits of Wood Polymer Composite Profiles in Construction

As the applications for wood polymer composite (WPC) profiles become more widespread across construction, Reddiplex, a leading extrusion company explains why there is increasing demand for a wide variety of profiles to be extruded in WPC. Such a move takes advantage of the many functional benefits that a durable, highly engineered solution can offer.