G2G Flexible I Joint

The Flexible ‘I’ Joint option allows for variance in the chamfers of the glass panels, resulting in the polished edge ‘flat’ dimension of glass becoming less critical.

The new Flexible I joint has been designed with the installer in mind and offers a greater ease of installation on site, whilst maintaining the minimal sight lines and overall finish required of the G2G range.

The G2G Flexible I joint maintains the strength and clarity of the G2G range. The flexible end sections produce a great contact between the seal and glass reducing any chance of the ingress of dust and fibres.

G2G Profiles

Whilst the flat edge dimension is less critical we still offer recommended flat edge dimensions for the relevant glass thicknesses. For full details on all the recommended flat edge dimensions for G2G I joints and glass chamfers please click here.

For more information click here.

The G2G range provides an alternative to silicone sealant whilst still maintaining the traditional clear sight lines. The G2G profiles provide a demountable system which offers greater flexibility in the products application as it can be used in permanent and semi-permanent applications.