Coloured Extrusions

With continual advances and developments in the specification and availability of materials, it’s no surprise that this is opening up the scope to apply colour into the extrusion process – you might imagine that Reddiplex is at the forefront of this advancement.

No longer limited to black and white, a full spectrum of colour can now be added to profiles, carefully matching to existing components when required, referencing internationally recognised colour specifications such as RAL, BS and Pantone.

Quite often, Reddiplex is manufacturing a component within a far more complex system. Our custom design and manufacturing capabilities, coupled with our long-standing presence in the industry can ensure that the result is not only specifically fit for purpose, but aesthetically pleasing too.

LED Coloured Tube Extrusion

One colour or two?

Dual extrusion with colour

There are many times when the use of more than one colour in an extruded profile might be desirable, perhaps due to specific branding requirements, classification systems or simply to differentiate similar products within the range. With the majority of our 36 extrusion lines set up for co-extrusion, this is entirely possible. You might require one dominant colour for the profile, coupled with an accent colour to highlight specific areas of the product.

Expertise in material specification

Choice can become confusing where extrusion materials are concerned and the addition of colour can add to this. Our expertise can guide you when necessary, helping you to consider the performance characteristics that you require and how colour might enhance the correct material choice. Using the example of sport and physiotherapy bands that require differing amounts of elasticity, colour can play a key part in the identification of the right band. Your extruded product has a job to do and our knowledge of how different materials perform can ensure the right results.

Uniband Multi Colours

Talk to us

Whether you are interested in our coloured extrusion capabilities or any other aspect of our in-line extrusion services, choosing Reddiplex – a company that holds both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 – could help you to develop an area of your business more effectively. We’d love to talk and see how we could help. Please do call us to speak to a member of our team or contact us here.