Wood Polymer Composites

Wood Polymer Composites (WPC) combine polymer with wood fibres creating a material with the inherent properties of timber whilst having the following performance characteristics:

  • Consistent density
  • Reduced water absorption
  • Less susceptible to rot
  • No splinting and splitting
  • No bowing, cracking or warping
  • Can be painted and stained
  • Can be screwed, nailed, glued and pinned
Wood Polymer Profiles

WPC is not as susceptible as timber to changing moisture levels in the environment, eliminating the possibility of the material splinting and splitting. The lack of moisture held in the WPC also contributes to the product being less likely to suffer from rotting.

Knots and imperfections in timber form a weak spot when it comes to working the product and ongoing aesthetics. This is not an issue with WPC’s as our manufacturing process is strictly controlled. Through focusing on development of tooling and process materials, we can produce a solid profile with even density through its length and cross section, eliminating any imperfections, voids or weak spots in the profile.

It’s these additional characteristics and the associated lower maintenance costs are seeing WPC being used in traditionally timber based applications.

Extrusion Capabilities

We have been extruding profiles since 1969 and have expertise across a multitude of market sectors including glazing, building and construction, automotive, aerospace and marine.

Our onsite design and tooling department will work with you to compile a set of manufacturing parameters to ensure that the product is correct for your application.  Further alterations can take place onsite using standard joinery tools if necessary.

Our knowledge of WPC processing, onsite tooling and customer service provides a comprehensive package when it comes to the extrusion of WPC offering:

  • Solid and hollow profile design
  • Custom tooling
  • Printing for identification and branding purposes
  • Application of tape

If you have a requirement that you would like us to take a look at please contact us at sales@reddiplex.com or to discuss your requirement with a member of our sales team call (0)1905 795432.