Manufacturing Horse Jump Cross Bar

One of our key strengths is our ability to identify extrusion opportunities in the most diverse of market sectors. The equestrian market is no exception and we have recently begun manufacturing show jumping crossbars.

The crossbar is a two part system with removable end caps. The crossbars comprise of an inner core, O/D of 96mm and 3m in length, with additional coloured sleeves that slide over the inner core to allow combinations of three or five colours.

The horse jump cross bars are manufactured from polypropylene which has excellent temperature accommodation and good impact resistance. This makes it an ideal material type for this application as it will not crack or split.

We hold a number of coloured sleeve sections in stock to enable us to fabricate crossbars to your requirements, for more information contact

As specialists in custom extrusions we recognise that colour is becoming an increasingly important aspect in extrusion design. We therefore provide a colour matching service to BS and RAL standards. We are also able to combine two different colours in the same extrusion producing a profile with a dominant colour and single or multiple stripes in a second colour.