BSI Certificates

Reddiplex are pleased to announce that we, alongside all companies in the Reddiplex Group, have been awarded certification against the 2015 revised standards for the ISO 9001 – Quality Management System and ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System.

The 2015 revised standards have evolved to reflect the changing business environment and how we conduct our business activities in a global marketplace, both in relation to our customers and supply chains. Having held ISO certification for a number of years now this progression is something that we are a supporter of.

The most noticeable change to our ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certificates of registration are that they have been aligned with other management system standards. All the management systems now share a common structure, language and requirements making it much easier for companies such as ourselves to implement and run multiple standards.

Furthermore the changes in the updating of the ISO standards see more attention being paid to risk management and interested parties in the context of the organisation in both the environmental and quality side. The 2015 revision also sees the management playing a greater role in the driving Reddiplex goals and objectives throughout the whole organisation, completely integrating and aligning the business strategies.

Understanding the importance of these certificates to the company in terms of both our internal and external operations it was important that we transitioned to the new 2015 revisions in advance of the final transition date of September 2018.

The BSI Certificates of Registration have been updated and are now shown on our company website and available to download here.