G2G Black Range

A design trend that we’ve seen racing ahead in recent times is the use of black aluminium glass partitioning frames in sleek office developments. Up until now, this look has only been available for custom developed projects that like to drive design styles within the industry. Launching the new sharp G2G Black, Reddiplex has created an up-to-the-minute opportunity for a much wider market.

Adding structure and definition to sleek and modern office expanses, the look of G2G Black contrasts with our standard, clear G2G range which offers the illusion of a large, uninterrupted expanse of glass. Colour is certainly starting to come back into office space and this presents new product requirements for our G2G range of glass partitioning joints, which has provided stylish solutions for dry jointing in addition to head and base channels since 2012.

High gloss black in a range of profiles

An “in stock” range available for next day delivery, G2G Black includes our most popular and widely used glass partitioning profiles in addition to a brand new Square Corner Joint, which offers added protection and form to corner junctions:

  • The I Joint
  • The Abutment Joint
  • The H Section
  • The Square Corner Joint
  • Frameless Wedge
Glazed Black Wedge

Black wedges are also available in the standard G2G range and all profiles can accommodate glass thicknesses ranging from 10 to 12.8mm.

G2G saves time, mess and money

Developed as the optimum alternative to silicone sealant when installing interior glass panels, G2G has many functional benefits. Firstly, it is much quicker and easier to use for glass partitioning than sealant, which requires a certain skill to apply it without it getting all over the glass! Each length of G2G comes with an integral adhesive strip that butts right up to the edge of the glass – no mess, no fuss, less labour time required. There’s almost no wastage when you use G2G either and that in turn means a lower material cost .

In addition to the savings, G2G offers the enhancement of a sleek and high quality finish. There’s no sealant to discolour over time and once fitted, G2G is there to support the glass for its entire life.

For further information and free samples of the new G2G Black range or more details about G2G in general, please call Reddiplex on 01905 795432 or click here.