Extrusion colour matching service

Extrusion is no longer black and white; colour is becoming an increasingly important aspect in extrusion design.

A large proportion of the extrusions we manufacture form a component within an overall system and it’s critical that they are fit for function and look aesthetically pleasing. Therefore we often work from specifications or samples to provide a colour matching service to standards such as BS and RAL.

It is also possible to combine two different colours in the same extrusion producing a profile with a dominant colour and single or multiple stripes in a second colour. This can be used for classification and identification purposes, brand awareness or to differentiate the product from others within the range. The use of a second colour can also draw attention to the presence of the extrusion in hazardous application such as coach treads.

Colour matching is one of the many in-line capabilities that Reddiplex offer, for further information please contact us.