Hydrophilic Waterstop Seal

The extrusion of Hydrophilic TPE’s allows Reddiplex to provide a waterproofing solution that can be used in water retaining and water excluding structures.

When the Hydrophilic TPE’s come into contact with an aqueous liquid with a PH value between PH7-12 the polymer particles swell to form a water tight seal preventing the passage of liquid. The Reddiplex TPE’s have particles in the 500-1000nm size range meaning they are evenly distributed within the base polymers producing a controlled and integral expansion.

We are able to extrude two variations of swell rate:

  • Standard swell (beige) 450-500%
  • High swell (grey) over 1000%

Reddiplex Hydrophilic Waterstop seals allow offer unique properties:

  • Controlled expansion – Does not eject particles when swelling, forming an even controlled expansion
  • Improved strength – Holds formation preventing the ejection of particles forming a fragile matrix, improving mechanical strength
  • Ease of application – does not need to be completely encapsulated making it suitable for both in-situ and pre-cast concrete applications.
  • Recyclability – 100% reliable performance, which will not disintegrate under wet dry cycles.

For more information about Reddiplex’s capabilities please contact us.