Hydrophilic TPE News

How Hydrophilic TPE works

A polymer based material, Hydrophilic TPE delivers a controlled expansion to create a water-tight seal on contact with an aqueous liquid with a PH value between PH7-12. Once the liquid evaporates or recedes, the swelling will reduce back to the original shape and size. This process can be repeated many times with no detrimental effect on the performance of the extruded material.

Hydrophilic TPE contains small spherical polymer particles that are called Nano Particulate Hydrophilic Polymers (NHPs). These tiny particles that measure between 500-1000mm are what gives this innovative material many unique and highly desirable properties:

  • Controlled expansion – each particle expands in a controlled and integrated way to produce the necessary swelling. They are not ejected and remain within the material
  • Improved strength – the enlarged formation is held strong, preventing any particle ejection that could cause a fragile matrix. This results in higher mechanical strength
  • Ease of application – Hydrophilic TPE does not need to be completely encapsulated, making it suitable for both in-situ and pre-cast concrete applications
  • Recyclability – The performance is 100% reliable and the material will not disintegrate under wet dry cycles

When to specify Hydrophilic TPE

There are many common applications of extruded profiles where Hydrophilic TPE can offer a highly effective and reliable performance. Most commonly used in the extrusion of waterstops, it can prove invaluable for:

  • The capabilities of Reddiplex regarding plastic and rubber extrusion are extensive and cover a very wide range of applications and industry requirements. When you need to keep water out, or in, Hydrophilic Thermal Plastic Elastomer (TPE) is the optimum choice of material and our team has much experience and knowledge of working with it effectively, creating an extruded profile that meets your exact requirements.Water and waste treatment facilities
  • Primary and secondary containment structures
  • Tunnels and culverts
  • Dams, locks, canals
  • Concrete pipes
  • Corrugated pipes
  • Retaining walls

Customise your specification and profile

Custom Hydrophilic TPE

Whilst standard extruded profiles made with Hydrophilic TPE are available, our expertise in custom extrusion enables us to offer you a bespoke route, should your requirements be specific. Furthermore, we can work with two grades of Reddiplex Hydrophilic TPE: for a standard swell rate of around 450-500% (beige colour); for a high swell rate exceeding 1000% (grey colour).

Please do get in touch if you’d like further information or if you’re ready to discuss a specific project with our team. We can guide you on the best material choice and profile formulation route, making good use of our in-house tooling department, should a custom extrusion profile be required. Reddiplex has extensive extrusion manufacturing facilities on-site in Droitwich, coupled with unrivalled knowledge and expertise on the often complex extrusion requirements for a huge selection of plastic and rubber materials. The company can also offer added-value, in-line services such as printing for identification and branding and in-line taping application.

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