Repair It, Refurb It, Reddiplex It

It’s no secret that here at Reddiplex we have been supplying glazing repair and refurbishment customers for over 40 years. Whether a PVCU window needs repairing or an Aluminium patio door needs refurbishing, gaskets manufactured by Reddiplex are the perfect partner for replacement and refurbishment glazing.

Here at Reddiplex we have:

  • A wide range of glazing gaskets suitable for dynamic and static applications
  • Products held in stock for instant despatch and next day delivery
  • Flipper, bubble, E-gaskets, wedge and tear-off wedge gaskets
  • Gaskets for PVCU, Aluminium & Timber systems
  • Profiles manufactured in PVC, EPDM and TPR
Solid Rubber Extrusions
Glazing Seals
Glazing gaskets

To download a copy of our Standard Glazing Products click here or if you require a sample, simply request a compression gaskets or wedge gaskets sample pack here