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Leading Turkish partitioning company hails G2G

Driven to create the most beautiful workspaces for its many clients, Abay Yapi Partition Co. has been widely using G2G dry joints in its designs since 2013, with impressive results.

Established in 1998, the proactive Istanbul based company focuses entirely on the design and installation of glass partitioning systems, including single glass and modular partitioning as well as workstation systems. With well-known clients such as Citibank, Vodafone, Toyota and McDonalds, the company strives to deliver the very best designs, using components that reflect their high credentials.

Comments Tanin Abay, Export Manager of Abay Yapi Partition Co.: “Since we have been using G2G dry joints in our designs, we’ve been very pleased with the high quality outcome. Indeed, we work with many prestigious architects to progress projects and G2G has helped us to create fabulous designs, offering aesthetically pleasing results at affordable prices. UV protection is so important in products such as G2G dry joints and we’re confident that the brand performs well on this aspect. We fully intend to incorporate G2G into our designs for a long time to come.”

G2G dry joints explained

A brand that is wholly owned by Reddiplex, G2G was originally developed as the optimum alternative to silicone sealant when installing interior glass partitioning panels. Today, the range has grown to include a raft of different profiles to suit every possible requirement, a black range to complement the standard clear range and a custom colour service that can match G2G to any corporate colour or design theme.

G2G Office Partition
G2G Office Corridor

There are a huge number of advantages in choosing G2G dry joints:

  • Ease of installation using integral adhesive strip
  • Cut to length on-site
  • Minimal wastage to lower material costs
  • No mess from installation
  • No discolouration over time
  • Sleek and modern finish
  • Wide variety of different profiles
  • Match to any colour if required

G2G is used in residential and commercial buildings wordwide. If you would like to receive a free sample pack or have any further queries, please get in touch with us on 01905 795432 or here.

For further information about Abay Yapi Partition Co., please visit Abay Yapi Website