Uniband Universal Approach to Exercise


  • 100% latex free
  • Powder free
  • Engineered for evenly spaced resistance levels from one colour level to the next
  • Excellent UV and chemical stability
  • 5m and 50m lengths available
  • Manufactured in the UK

Made with a 100% latex free elastomeric compound, they exhibit the dynamic stretch properties of traditional latex bands with none of the disadvantages associated with the latex versions. Each level of band is made to an exacting specification that ensures consistent tension and evenly spaced resistance between each level, providing clinically sound Progressive Resistance Exercise (PRE).

Colored Resistance Bands

Elongation of Uniband®

Tests have demonstrated that some leading latex bands provide inconsistent or flawed resistance levels that may compromise clinical implementation of Progressive Resistance Exercises. The Uniband® material has been specifically chosen for its superior ‘linear stretch’.

Constant resistance levels

Uniband’s unique polymer compound is precision engineered to provide constant resistance levels for more clinically sound Progressive Resistance Exercise (PRE) Therapy.

Uniband® Bands are manufactured at our FDA registered facility based in the UK.  For more information about Uniband® and to see our full range of accessories visit www.uniband.com.