Case Study: Custom EPDM Industrial Door Seal

Reddiplex’s ability to develop and extrude a wide range of flexible, rigid and rubber profiles has allowed us to work in conjunction with Jewers Doors to develop industrial door sealing solutions for use in some of the most challenging conditions.

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Project: Flexible Access Corridor for Dubai World Trade Centre

The Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), the region’s largest
purpose- built complex for events and exhibitions, linked the existing DWTC and the new Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre (DICEC) with two covered corridors. These provide a fully
air-conditioned environment for visitor access between the two centres during shows and vehicle access to load large equipment
and exhibition sets during set up or breakdown of shows.

The walls of each of the North and South corridors were designed as full-height Jewers’ Osprey sliding-folding doors. Each corridor wall comprises one set of 44 metre wide by 6 metre high doors, configured in multiple 6 panel sections.

When all sections are folded and pushed aside, a roadway is created between buildings for vehicular access. The multi-leaf construction also allows the doors to be partially opened at any position. In the closed position the doors are completely flat across the opening.

Sealing Solution:

Reddiplex designed and manufactured soft compound EPDM seals, which when fitted to all door edges eliminate the ingress of air, dust and water when the doors are closed, and have excellent recovery properties when operated.

This EPDM compound has a large high and low temperature resistance range, good deflection recovery and compression set, excellent weather, UV and ozone resistance.

Jewers Outside
Jewers Inside
Jewers EPDM seal

“We developed a new range of EPDM extrusions from Reddiplex in 2009. There have been several tweaks to the designs over recent years, due to continual product development, but the material will remain the same and so will the supplier.”

Mark Jewers; Director of Jewers Doors